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Matt Herbert

Before taking this class I never knew that cultural geography was an area of study that people spend devoted time to. At the begging of the class I wasn't even sure what this class was about. However, I now appreciate the concepts of cultural geography because I feel I have been equipped with terminology and methods that will help me understand, explain, and interpret different places. I can honestly say I look at places differently because of this class. I also used to not be a huge fan of public artwork, statues, etc.. but now I take the time to look at them and determine how they represent the culture in that place.

Ming Ng

Culture is important and interesting to me because there are many different kinds of cultures and culture everywhere you go. It is interesting because people and society have different ways they show or do in their culture. I think that its important to understand and respect cultures because cultures are connected to people's identity.

Yifan Lu

I agree with Ming. Culture is both important and interesting. Different place has different cultures. They have their own ways to do things. We need to understand and respect others culture.

Jiayue Wang

I agree with culture combined with geography is the most important and interesting thing we learned this term. I have learned geography in high school, and the culture part is my favorite. Because I can find different culture in different geography, and some interesting phenomenon, and compare them.

Kaylee Mok

I think the definition of culture and the combination of geography is a concept people don't really think about and that is what makes it interesting. It really makes you stop, observe, analyze, and develop conclusions that connect where we go, why we go there, and what we do/how we act in that place. In different locations, there are different cultures, and there are different cultures within that culture so it is important to recognize these relationships.

Casey Nakamura

What made the combination of culture and geography interesting to me is like how Kaylee stated, it isn't something that you would normally stop and think about. I also find it very important that we continue to study the different cultures around the world with an open mind.This class taught me various techniques to observe a societies culture, and the way of life of a people.

Yazmin Hernandez

I think that culture is very interesting because it is many things. Culture has many aspects to it and it is a never ending topic, it is always deploying and new things are being learned. I think that this is very important because culture is everywhere and we can learn new things. We can apply what we learned about culture to anything. Culture is what people do and people are always doing things.

halie korff

I think culture was important to me because it is the one thing I was most confused about and finally got an understanding of and began to relate it to people and where I was at all the time. I feel like learning this did the most for me out of this class which is why I thought it was most interesting, because it is something I believe will stick with me

John Stone

Culture is important because it's what we do, and it directly relates to everybody. Culture is different everywhere, and it impacts how people live their lives. Learning about other cultures around the world is super interesting as well, since not everyone is living the same lives we are. Our world is built up from all of the different cultures that exist on it, so in a way we're all directly influenced by every culture.

Moana Gianotti

Before this class, I didn't know what Cultural Geography was. I think that this is important because I've never truly understood what the word culture truly meant, now I know that there are two meanings, one where it is used as a group signifier and one where it describes culture as what people do. I also never understood that where you are and how you are connected to that place can affect what you do.

Ana Bautista

It is important more than anything. People need to understand that culture is what people do. In order to looks at things objectively and to understand what people do.It is also very important that we continue to study the different cultures as well as to keep an open mind. This is very interesting.

Jeanette Betancourt

Before taking this class, I was not aware of the true meaning for culture which is what we do, and I think it is very important because it defines us as human beings. And I really enjoy learning about different cultures, and since I feel like I belong to two cultures I love learning new things. And how it connects to the places in the world as well. Its interesting to learn about how everyone else sees it too.


Before taking this class I did not know that there was an actual study in cultural geography. The first thing that would come to mind when hearing the word geography was the study of a map so when I learned that their was a class named "Cultural Geography" I was curious to know what it would be about. Now after taking this class I believe that many students would benefit from this class. Learning about how the places and traces around us make up who we are really makes you think about the daily choices we make.

Emily Miller

I think that learning the term cultural geography was most important to me because I thought before going into this class that cultural geography was the study of different cultural groups in other parts of the world. I didn't know that cultural geography was so much more than that. I think that learning about everything we did in class this term really helped me see the broad spectrum of topics that cultural geographers study and analyze.

Moe Tobiyama

I realized the how big impacts culture has. Culture is connected with who people are, and where people are. Different ethnicity and races have different culture, and finding those difference is very interesting.

Maria Regalado

I didn’t know what cultural geography was, it was a very interesting course and I will definitely recommend it to everyone to take it. I learned so much about cultural and geography and how it’s all around us and we don’t really realize it until taking this course.

Crystal Contreras

I think culture is very interesting because culture is everywhere you look, how people are a dress, how people eat and how they talk. Everywhere you go you see a lot of cultures because culture is in every individual, culture is what makes each person be the person they are.

Peggy  Smith

I learned that culture is intertwined with the place and the multifaceted types of (b)ordering that is unspoken and yet intuitive to the people of that culture. Their place is defined, often by the ones who hold the power.

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